About Driven Landscapes

Driven Landscapes

Founded in 2012 by owner Jonathan Orcutt, Driven Landscapes has quickly become a leading landscaping company in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Our intent from the beginning was to bring a profitable and scalable business, with a respected and professional image, to the landscaping industry. We wanted to do that by applying "big business" systems and efficiency.

A few years later, things are going according to plan. There were a few rough moments in the first year, but we learned some lessons and we made it through. As we've grown, we've developed, tested, and improved upon systems for hiring, training, marketing, scheduling, customer service, and more.

The preparation and efficiency that comes with those systems has allowed rapid growth of more than 25% every year, forecasting $1.5M annual revenue – from our single, original location – in just our 6th year. More importantly, we've built relationships with a lot of great, loyal, and happy customers, and we're well positioned to continue growing as we move forward.

We still have goals for growth at our original location, but we're also expanding through our franchise program.

With our franchise program, we want to provide the resources that we wished we had when we were just starting out. We want to work with like-minded entrepreneurs, share our knowledge and systems, and help them to take control of their futures.

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