Can Your Business Operate Without You?

Risks of Being an Owner/Operator

Importance of Delegation

For a business owner, being able to delegate tasks and responsibilities is critical to the ability to sustain and scale the business. 

That might seem obvious, but what’s less obvious is the risk a business owner assumes if they choose NOT to delegate responsibilities.

I’ll get to the risks, but first let’s look at a couple different levels of delegation.

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Welcome Naperville, Illinois!

Driven Landscapes Opens New Chicago-Area Location

NORFOLK, MA – October 23, 2017: Driven Landscapes Franchising, LLC – an innovative leader in the residential landscaping industry – announced they’ve awarded a new franchise territory to Josh Schultz of Naperville, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. 

Schultz has served his community as a firefighter for the last several years. Now, with a wife and two little boys, Schultz has decided to serve his community in a different way, starting his own landscaping business.

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Building Your Team AND Your Business

Strategies for Finding, Motivating, and Retaining Great Employees

A lot of landscape company owners say they want to scale their business, but their biggest challenge is that they can’t find good employees.

We can look at that from a couple different perspectives:

  1. When your company is still small and doesn’t appear to be growing, it’s hard to attract the best talent.
  2. When you don’t have solid, smart, and reliable team members, it’s hard to grow your business.

Some people would consider that a catch-22. They figure they just can’t win and they spend time talking about how tough or unfair the situation is, rather than working on solutions.

Here’s the secret:

Scaling a business and building a strong team of employees go hand-in-hand, so take them both seriously and work on them together.

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Putting a Business on the Right Course with Strong Systems

Imagine you’re captain of a large ship. You’re sailing along, but you have a feeling something’s not right. You look at the horizon, check your charts and instruments, and discover – sure enough – you’re headed completely in the wrong direction.

Sometimes running a business is a little like that. Sometimes you find yourself off course, but there is almost never any one thing you can do to instantly fix things. Usually, it’s a series of smaller things that you need to work on to gradually bring the business around.

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How Do I Get More Landscaping Customers?

Creating a Landscaping Business Marketing PlanThat’s the million-dollar question? Someone asks me that question almost every day. 

Attracting new customers is a common problem, but it doesn’t have a simple, one-size-fits-all answer. Every business is unique and the best answer depends on quite a lot of details.

No matter what the specifics are for any given company, getting new customers and growing your business always starts in one place.

Your Marketing Plan

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What Do You Find ‘Sexy’ in the Landscaping Business?

Landscaping Design & Install vs. Maintenance

I know what kind of jobs I look for in landscape. What kind of job do you consider sexy?

Is it a five- or six-figure design and install job?

A huge job that keeps a crew busy for three months?

We’re going to look at three ways maintenance differs from design-and-install...

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Landscape Industry Financial Numbers: What Do They Tell Us?

I’m always fascinated by the results of various surveys and reports about the landscaping industry. Even though I keep up with these things, I’m often surprised when I see some of the data.

I’ve been a fan of Lawn and Landscape’s State of the Industry reports, so I thought I’d dig in and share my thoughts about a few of the statistics they reported.

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