The Two Best Times to Acquire New Customers

Capitalizing on CAPs

Most of us know that the majority of new landscaping customers are found during two times of year – from April through June, and from mid-October through December 1.

At Driven Landscapes, we call these our Client Acquisition Periods, or CAPs.

Of course you’ll add some clients during the summer, and maybe a few new snow-plowing customers will become landscaping customers. But most people who are actively searching for landscaping services are doing it right around time for Spring cleanups or Fall cleanups.

Surprisingly, a lot of landscaping businesses don’t do everything they can to maximize the number of new clients they gain during these CAPs.

Missing Opportunities

Sometimes people don’t think about their advertising in advance, so they miss opportunities. It’s too late to start throwing things together when the weather has already broken and potential customers are already calling your competitors.

Turning Away Opportunities

Worse than missing opportunities is actively shutting the door on them. It seems like a lot of landscaping companies limit how much they’re willing to grow by turning customers away when they feel like they can’t handle any more.

Certainly, you don’t want to take on more customers than you can handle, but turning away potential customers is not healthy for your business.

What to do

These CAPs are the two times of year when you should be adding employees and focusing your advertising dollars. You need to plan ahead so that you’ll be willing and able to accept as much new business as you can generate. You need to make sure your marketing, lead flow, scheduling, and workflow systems are in tip-top shape before heading into these peak seasons.

Should I really add new staff in the Fall?

If you need extra help to handle the added business – yes. If you can make it work, your business will be stronger for it.

Keep in mind that the new customers you treat well in the Fall will be primed to become repeat customers next Spring.


  • Plan your advertising in advance so that you can start scheduling as early as possible.
  • Have all your regular employees ready to go.
  • Be prepared to add temporary or part-time staff to handle busy periods.

Bonus Tip

The Fall is a great time to start breaking in new crew leaders. Fall Cleanups are relatively simple and straightforward so, for those employees who’ve shown leadership and strong work ethics, it’s a good time for a tryout!