See what people are saying about Driven Landscapes

I’ve known Jon since he started his company in 2012 and I’ve seen him easily handle many of the things that turn into roadblocks for some companies.

One of the most impressive things, to me, is how he’s found and developed great employees. Jon’s company has grown and his employees have grown along with him. He gives his guys opportunities and they embrace the challenges.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard other guys say something like, “you can’t get good help these days.” But Jon is obviously doing it right.

Kevin Johnston
Regal Tree, Mansfield MA

I’ve seen Driven Landscapes grow over the past several years. It seems like they are taking on more and more work every season.

I remember meeting Jon at his office one time when his phones just wouldn’t stop ringing and the computers wouldn’t stop dinging. Allison, in the office, was running around like a maniac, but she handled it.

So, I ask Jon if it’s always so busy around the office and he tells me about his marketing plans. Then I ask him if he can actually handle all the work and he tells me it’s all part of his plan and it’s all under control.

Impressive. Well done, Jon.

Scott Dowling
Dowling Landscape Supplies, Wrentham MA

I’ve watched Jon’s company grow and it’s been really impressive. I thought surely, as soon as hit three or four crews, he’d slow down. But he didn’t.

He brought in office help when it was time. He gave his best employees more responsibilities and he’s got, like, eight or ten crews now. He’s got a couple field managers.

Jon had a plan and a system and it’s worked. He’s just kept growing without skipping a beat.

Paul Matz
Matz Landscape and Irrigation, Walpole MA

I used to think Jon had found a way to be in five places at once. Now I know that part of his secret is that he trusts his team and delegates a lot of responsibility to them so that he can be where he needs to be.

It’s been said that time is the most precious resource. Time is the one thing you can’t recycle and you can’t buy more.

Jon does a great job of managing his time efficiently and it seems to have helped him grow his business.

Chris Burns
Norfolk Power, Wrentham

I started working for Driven in 2013, their second year. It was different than anyplace I’d ever been.

Driven was really focused on growth, but not in a slimy, ripping-people-off kind of way. They cared about reliability and quality work and good communication with the customers.

Jon personally took the time to teach me about the importance of those things, plus a million other things. And every time the company grew, Jon challenged me to do more and gave me more responsibility.

It’s been fun to watch the company grow, and now I’m excited to be a partner in the first franchise. Jon’s been a great mentor over the past three or four years and I’m looking forward to great things!

Ryan Debler
Driven Landscapes, Hopkinton

Jonathan and I work in some of the same towns but we've always been friendly competitors. We share a lot of the same ideas about treating people well and being professional.

There are a lot of guys that'll offer advice and they'll tell you not to grow your business too quickly. They'll tell you to take it slow so you can handle it. But they don't ever actually tell you HOW to handle it.

Watching Driven Landscapes is making me think about business growth differently. I'm realizing that it's not about going slow. It's about knowing how to handle it – knowing what to expect and having the tools and systems in place before you dive in to the next step.

Jonathan sure does seem to know how to handle it.

Adam Buckley
A. Buckley Landscaping, Attleboro MA

Being part of Driven Landscapes’ growth over the past four years has been a great ride.

Jon has always taken the time to invest in us – myself and the other employees – and he’s trusted us to be part of the business’s growth. He’s trained us, not only in landscaping stuff, but in customer service and business stuff as well.

Four years ago, I had no idea what direction my life would go. Now, I can’t imagine anything else. Along with Ryan Debler, I’m going to be a business owner as the first Driven Landscapes franchisees. With Jon and Ryan, I’m looking forward to seeing our franchise grow just like the original.

Sean Cleary
Driven Landscapes, Hopkinton