Landscaping Franchise Business Model

Flexible, Home Based Business

The Driven Landscapes business model is designed so that it can start as a home-based operation – all you need is storage space for your equipment and parking for your vehicle. It's a low cost, flexible option while you're starting up. As you grow your landscaping business, you'll move to a bigger, dedicated space.

The Driven Landscapes business model is all designed to help you minimize labor costs, reduce overhead, and remain agile as the business evolves. 

Get Out of the Field

Billy didn't show up for work, what should we do? There's a flat tire on mower number 2, do we have a spare? Leaves are frozen to the ground over here, how do we get them up? We forgot to mix fuel, what now?

These are all valid questions, and all very important to the employee asking them. But it shouldn't be you, the owner, solving these problems – it should be a site foreman.

You should be focused on questions like, "how do we increase sales by 25% next year," and "how can we increase our gross margin by 5%?"

Build a Team

One of the biggest hurdles owner/operators face is related to hiring and delegating to trusted employees. When you know exactly what to do, it can be hard to let go and trust someone else. But, the results are worth the effort.

We'll guide you along the way as you add an administrative assistant, a field manager, and more. Your team will grow to the point where they could run the business without you, which will be a great thing when you want to spend time strategizing your next big move, or even just take a vacation.

Choosing Customers

It's easy to be dazzled by the big numbers involved in commercial landscaping. But, when you break it down, it starts to be a little less attractive. You'll spend time every year chasing contracts that usually go to the lowest bidder. And even when you land a big contract, you might be in for heartbreak the following year when someone undercuts you.

While we offer services to both commercial and residential customers, our focus has been the residential market. Most residential customers don't want to go looking for a new landscaper with the lowest prices every year. They've been burned so many times that, if you treat them well, they want to stick with you.

We'll show you how to find good residential customers and build strong relationships with them for years to come.

Services: Flexibility & Growth Potential

Many service-based franchises are limited in what they have to offer consumers. With a Driven Landscapes franchise, you'll offer many different services.

Some services – like lawn care – will be high-demand, bread-and-butter recurring revenue. Other services – like gutter cleaning – will be less common, but higher margin. With a diverse mix of services, you'll have happy customers and lots of revenue opportunities.

Starting out, you can provide just the services most in demand in your market, and then add additional revenue streams as you grow.


Marketing is important both for finding new customers and for staying in touch with past customers. You want to keep a strong flow of new leads coming in while also accommodating the people who've been loyal to you in the past.

At Driven Landscapes, we've developed a strong and constantly evolving marketing system. We use a number of different marketing tools and tactics, and combines them all to support our overall plan. We’ll show you how you can apply the same tactics to your own landscape business.

From residential to commercial business, Driven Landscapes has it all covered. And as a Driven Landscapes franchise owner, you will have your own protected territory in which you can maximize your business growth, while benefitting from the strong reputation we have established over the years. 

If you'd like to learn more, contact us here or call us at (844) 551-8921.