The Driven Difference

You have options when starting or building a business, but Driven Landscapes is uniquely set up to maximize your chances for rapid success and growth. Here are a few of the specific reasons why:


One of the biggest problems many new businesses face is that they get used to flying by the seats of their pants. In the early days of a new business, it's common for budgets to be small and help to be scarce, meaning the owner/operator takes on responsibility for everything. Not only does it work in the beginning, but it's often the only choice.

The problem is that, as the business grows, an owner/operator can't keep up with all the new demands. If he doesn't have a good way to deal with the new challenges, the business will stall. It'll just stop growing, and the owner will struggle just to maintain the level he's already achieved.

Growing beyond a certain point requires a greater level of organization and efficiency. Driven landscapes will provide systems for everything: marketing; sales; scheduling; route-planning; hiring; training; purchasing; customer service and more.

  • Systems allow you to anticipate opportunities and take advantage of them.
  • Systems give you warnings about problems and help you avoid them.
  • Systems let you focus on building your business so you get off to a fast, strong start. 


Dealing with clients and employees can sometimes be pretty tricky. Without ongoing support, it's easy to waste time solving problems that others already know how to solve or, better yet, avoid. 

Being able to lean on an experienced team, that's already overcome the same hurdles, makes a huge difference.

With our ongoing support, you'll handle client and employee issues with ease.

  • We'll show you how to turn unhappy customers into your most loyal supporters.
  • We'll help you build a solid team of landscaping professionals, crew leaders, managers, and admin staff.

We'll be available to support you every step of the way. At Driven Landscapes, we want to provide the resource that we were missing when we first started.


Far too often, people feel like they're maxed out and can't handle anymore work. When the phone keeps ringing, they turn customers away or just stop answering. Sometimes (usually a different time of year), those same business owners will be frustrated that they can't grow their business – revenue growth has been stalled for a couple years or more.

We talk a lot about business growth, but sometimes it can be hard to picture it happening. The biggest key is that you need to prepare for growth. Systems are a start, but you also have to have all the tools and people in place to handle more work.

We'll show you how to grow from one crew to two; from two crews to four; from four crews to eight, and beyond. Along the way, we'll advise you on the times to bring in office help and field managers.

With the right tools, systems, and people in place, you'll have the infrastructure to handle constantly increasing amounts of paying work.

Our investment in your success

A common fear when considering a franchise is that the franchisor will charge you a huge amount of money, give you uniforms and rules, and then disappear. There are a lot of franchise businesses where any particular franchisee is just one out of hundreds, and there's not much commitment to any one franchisee.

We plan to work with you closely for years to come, and very closely for at least the first year. We've invested a lot of time and money putting together a program so that you can duplicate our success. We're prepared to invest a lot of time coaching you, answering your questions, and supporting you in any way you need.

We're committed to helping you start faster and grow bigger than the other guys.

More information about starting a landscaping business with Driven Landscapes: